100 Individually Wrapped Dark Matcha Kit Kat, Free Shipping


The Dark Green Tea Kit Kat, also known as Dark Matcha Kit Kat, is a special snack from Japan that you can only find there. It’s one of two types of matcha green tea flavored Kit Kats. The Dark Matcha Kit Kat is less sweet and has a deeper green color on its packaging. Meanwhile, the regular Green Tea Kit Kat is sweeter, has a lighter green tea taste, and comes in a lighter green bag.

Both kinds have the usual Kit Kat crunch, but they’re coated with white chocolate mixed with real matcha green tea powder from Uji, a place in Kyoto, Japan. The Dark Matcha version uses a kind of matcha that gives it a stronger and richer green tea flavor.

These Kit Kats are packed in eco-friendly paper that you can write on, making it fun to send a note to someone special. Each bag comes with 10 mini bars, and each bar is wrapped on its own. Plus, these treats are made in Japan.