The Family Behind ezboxjp: A Hiroshima Adventure”

We make YouTube food videos in Japan 

In the heart of Hiroshima, a bustling city known for its rich history and vibrant culture, lived a husband and wife with a big dream and a happy, curious family. They loved spending their weekends exploring every nook and cranny of Hiroshima, from its peaceful parks to its lively marketplaces, discovering all sorts of hidden gems along the way.

One day, while enjoying some delicious local snacks at a quaint little shop tucked away in a quiet street, the couple had a lightbulb moment. They thought, “Why not share these incredible finds with the world?” And just like that, ezboxjp was born.

Together with their kids, they began the adventure of a lifetime. They turned their discoveries into a family mission: to pack and send boxes filled with the best of Japan right to people’s doorsteps. Each box was like a treasure chest, brimming with snacks, toys, and crafts that told stories of Japanese tradition and innovation.

The children were the official taste testers and toy experts, ensuring that everything in the ezboxjp collection was genuinely loved by families, for families. This made each box extra special because it was curated with love and a sense of adventure that only a family could provide.

ezboxjp became more than just a business; it was a way for this family to connect with others around the globe, sharing a slice of their Hiroshima life and the joy of discovery. They imagined families everywhere, unpacking their ezboxjp, laughing and learning together, experiencing the wonders of Japan from their living rooms.

This family’s journey with ezboxjp is a testament to their love for their culture and their desire to spread happiness through the simple pleasure of unboxing a surprise. It’s a reminder of how sharing a little bit of our world can bring people closer, no matter where they are.

And so, the adventure continues, with every box packed with care and sent off with a wish: that it brings as much joy to others as the family found in creating it.

Get to Know ezboxjp: Our Mission, Values and Dedication to Customers”

Mt. Fuji

mission statement:

ezboxjp wants to make sure everyone gets awesome service, saves money, and has a better life. We sell cool stuff right from Japan – like toys, snacks, and other fun things that show what Japan is all about. We want to make it easy for you to get real Japanese things without spending too much. We think everyone should be able to enjoy the cool stuff from Japan.


Ezboxjp really cares about being honest, always doing the right thing, and treating everyone fairly when we do business. we make sure to always do what we say and keep our promises to everyone who buys from us. We are all about learning new things all the time and making sure everyone feels included. We think working together, being excited about what we do, and being the best is super important. These big ideas help us give you the coolest stuff and the best service.

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