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Yoku Moku holds the belief that a cookie is more than just a sweet treat; it is a window into the spirit and heart of the baker. We have been dedicated to using only the finest ingredients to make our luxury cookies since our company’s beginning in 1969.

Since opening our first store in November 1969, when our journey officially began, we have been dedicated to perfecting the craft of baking. We are proud of our hand-rolled “Cigare” cookie, which has grown to be our most well-known item.

Every cookie should be an experience in our opinion at Yoku Moku, thus we take great effort to choose the best ingredients and make each one by hand. Our cookies will make you happy whether you’re searching for a tasty treat or a thoughtful gift.

We cordially invite you to explore the world of Yoku Moku, where each bite is an adventure in flavor, excellence, and passion. Join us today on this delightful excursion.


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