Assorted Cute Kawaii Japanese Stickers Pack 16 Mixed Sheets Free Shipping 7
Assorted Cute Kawaii Japanese Stickers Pack – 16 mixed sheets 1050 stickers Free Shipping



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Assorted Cute Kawaii Japanese Stickers Pack – 16 mixed sheets 1050 stickers Free Shipping


Esets of 16 sheets. This carefully chosen quantity ensures the best shipping experience—fast, efficient

Discover our curated selection of high-quality, beautiful stickers, each dispatched daily from the heart of Hiroshima. We’re committed to bringing you only the finest, ensuring your space is adorned with elegance and joy.

Comes with
2 sheets of Flake sticker, 48 stickters

2 sheets of Square stickers, 96 stickers

2 sheets of Diecut stickers, 144 stickers

2 sheets of point stickers, 410 stickers

3 sheets of thank you stickers, 204 stickers

5 sheets of Sticker selection, 148 stickers

Total Japanese stickers 1050

Quality & Beauty, Handpicked for You

Our stickers are a testament to beauty and craftsmanship, designed to elevate your personal space with a touch of sophistication. Experience the delight of exquisite stickers, chosen with care for the discerning lady.

Fast, Direct Shipping

We promise prompt delivery of these little treasures, making every package an awaited surprise. Embrace the elegance—let our stickers add a unique charm to your life.

Whether you’re keen on personalizing your notebooks, spicing up your school schedule, or making your bullet journal pages pop, these stickers are perfect! They adhere well (so no worries about them peeling off), and they’re easy to reposition, allowing you to update your designs as you wish. They’re essential for bullet journaling, helping you track habits, remember important dates, and make planning an absolute delight.

So, if you’re someone who enjoys bringing a touch of whimsy and organization to your day, our Cute Kawaii Japanese Stickers are just what you need to make every moment a bit more special. Get ready to plan, decorate, and schedule with the most charming stickers around! 🌟📚