Premium Japanese Snack Box Selection Of Authentic Japanese Treats Free Shipping 100 Pack
Premium Japanese Snack Box – Selection of Authentic Japanese Treats Free Shipping 100 pack



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Premium Japanese Snack Box – Selection of Authentic Japanese Treats Free Shipping 100 pack


We send out all our orders every day from our place in Hiroshima. This means you’ll get your stuff quickly and without any hassle.

What’s Inside Each Pack?

For the 40 Pack:

1 Big Snack: Think of this as the boss of snacks – big, delicious, and super fun to eat!
39 Other Snacks:** A cool mix of tiny treats like candies, chocolates, and other awesome snacks from Japan. It’s like getting a mini adventure in every bite!

For the 70 Pack:
2 Big Snacks: These are the mega snacks that make snack time the best time. Big enough to share, but only if you want to!
68 Other Snacks: Dive into a treasure chest of Japanese goodies! From sweet candy to cool, unique flavors, it’s a surprise party in a box.

For the 100 Pack:
3 Big Snacks:** These are the ultimate snacks that are so big and tasty, they’re like the superheroes of the snack world.
97 Other Snacks:** Get ready for the snack exploration of a lifetime! This pack is stuffed with all sorts of yummy sweets, crunchy treats, and flavors you’ve never even dreamed of.

Why It’s Awesome:

Real Japanese Snacks:  Every snack comes straight from Japan, which means you’re getting the real deal – like a snack explorer!
Tons of Variety:  No matter if you pick the 40, 70, or 100 pack, you’ll get to try all kinds of snacks. It’s like going on a flavor adventure without leaving your house.

Good to Know:

It’s a Surprise:  We pick out the snacks with lots of care, so it’s always a fun surprise to see what you get. It’s like getting a birthday present, but with snacks!

Perfect For:

Anyone who loves trying new and cool things.
If you’re curious about Japan and love snacks, this is like the ultimate snack journey!
Or, if you just want to have the coolest snacks to share with friends or enjoy yourself.

Order your pack now and start your delicious adventure through Japan, right from your living room!

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